Improving access to transportation for people with disabilities through awareness, education, and policy initiatives

Our number one goal

Unlocking Independence

Many surveys list access to transportation as the number one issue facing people with disabilities. Transportation affects proper medical care, equipment, and quality of life. Yet there is often an awareness disconnect between people with disabilities and those without. BluePlacard.org aims to narrow the awareness divide between those two groups.

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Our mission:
we are improving access to transportation for people with disabilities through awareness, education, and policy initiatives

Are there enough accessible parking spaces?

Able-bodied drivers say YES, but those with disabilities say NO.

Our number one osbtacle

Awareness Disconnect

There are many awareness disconnects between those with disabilities and those without. As an example, there is a strong disconnect between people who do and people who don't need disability parking spaces. in a 2015 study in Colorado, a strong majority (67%) of respondents felt there are enough disability parking spaces. However, of those who self-identified as qualifying for disability parking spaces, a similar majority (61%) of them said there are not enough disability parking spaces.

Survey data, along with focus group interactions, generally point to the lack of education and awareness of the general public regarding disability parking. That means several able-bodied groups of people don't treat disability spaces with the same importance as those who need the spaces to park.



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% disability spaces ADA requires built

How we Help

Legislative Policy

We advocate for inclusive legislation at various political levels that protect and improve access to transpotation for people with disabilities


We use an evidence-based approach to our advocacy. This means we perform extensive research on transportation and disability issues.


We've given presentations to national, state, and private groups and at trade shows and conferences.

Stakeholder Committees

We participate in stakeholder groups that directly or indirectly affect access to transportation for those with disabilities.


We conduct statistically relevant surveys and synthesize other surveys to ensure our presentations are facts-based and not just conjecture.


We work with partner advocacy groups to ensure we're working together to achieve common goals.

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